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Welcome to the F & J Bushings website

We are an Australian owned & fully accredited company providing precision engineering within the Toolmaking Industry for 40 years. We specialize in manufacturing a range of precision drill jig bushings for use in the automotive, aerospace & tool making industries as well as associated components used in these & a variety of other industries.

We pride ourselves on achieving exactly what the customer requires.Our turnaround times are quick and our pursuit of quality in every aspect is paramount.

New Range

We now have a new range of Bushings that are a low-cost alternative to our Standard Precision Bushing range.  contact us for details


F & J Bushings Pty Ltd has established a proven record of excellence by providing high quality precision drill jig bushings and other precision as well as non precision products for nearly 40 years. Our products are crafted from the finest materials to the most exacting standards of workmanship.We take absolute pride in working to required tolerances and our products always look well made. Whatever standards or tolerances you require can be achieved as we have the expertise and equipment.Over the years we have worked hard to establish a tradition of quality and service which has kept us at the top of our business.It is our intention, and our promise to you, to continue that tradition. EMAIL ajcampbell@fjbushings.com.au


F & J Bushings Pty Ltd

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