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At F & J Bushings we have in place the facilities to finish the internal and/or external diameters to a tolerance specified by the customer.


*Our Sunnen honing machines are purpose built machines which can internally hone a finish to the customers specifications.

*Honing sizes range from 1.5mm diameter right through to 75mm.

*We use a variety of different honing stones to suit the type of material being honed and the required finish.

*Honing produces greater accuracy and a finer surface finish than internal grinding,and provides a stress-free base metal surface in the bore.

*We can achieve tolerances as low as +/-0.002mm



*At F & J Bushings we have both centreless and cylindrical grinders.

*When making our standard precision finished bushings we firstly hone, then externally grind them on the cylindrical grinder to achieve complete concentricity.

*High accuracy and a superior finish is achieved when grinding.Whether a slide fit or a press fit tolerance is required we're able to achieve all customers requirements.

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