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Standard Type Bushings

Please see below for details of our Standard Type Bushings.  Please note:  CONCENTRICITY within 0.0005'' T.I.R. as per ASA and British Standards.  Closer Concentricity held at a slightly higher cost.

Special Type Bushes can be made to customers requirements.  Please contact us for a quotation.


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Fixed Renewable Type Bushings

Fixed Renewable Bushings are generally used with Liner Bushings when you expect to replace bushings during the toolings lifetime.These are also ideal when you want to interchange bushings which have differing bore sizes but the some O.D. The O.D. is finish ground for a slip fit into the Liner Bush.The head has a milled recess for the Lock Screw to hold the Bushing in place.

Slip Renewable Type Bushings

Slip Renewable Bushings are used with Liner Bushings when two or more operations are performed with the same jig. The O.D. is finish ground for a slip fit into the Liner Bush. The Knurled Head is milled so that with a 45 degree turn the Bush can be quickly & easily locked or removed without removing the Lock Screw.

Headed Liner Type Bushings

Headed Liner Bushings are identical with the Headless Liner Bushings except for the added head. These Liner Bushings can be used in the same manner as the headless type, but usually necessitate counter boring into the Jig to offset the head thickness. Whenever excessive pounding is involved, the Headed Liner is generally preferred.

Castable Type Bushings

Castable Bushings are ideal for use in soft materials such as aluminium or plastic and provide greater resistance to rotational and axial forces. These bushings are commonly available with a serrated knurl which can be potted, cast or pressed into place, or with a diamond knurl which are potted or cast in place. Other variations can be made available upon request.  Castable Bushings are usually made to the customers specifications although a limited range of various sizes are kept in stock. We welcome inquiries or can offer advise on selection to best suit your needs.

Liner Type Bushings

Liner Bushings are pressed permanently into the Jig Plate to facilitate the use of renewable types of Drill Bushings. The Liner bushings remain in place throughout the life of the Jig forming an accurate location for the Drill Bushings. The O.D. of Liner Bushings can be supplied with grinding stock for fitting in the customer's plant or finish ground to a press fit size.

Headed Press Fit Type Bushings

Headed Press Fit Bush is used when the number of parts to be produced does not necessitate the replacement of the bushings during the life of the Jig. The O.D. of Press Fit Bushings can be supplied with grinding stock for fitting in the Customer's Plant or finish ground to a Press Fit size.

Plain Press Fit Type Bushings

Plain Press Fit Bush is identical with the Headed Press Fit Bush except for the omission of the head. They are used when the top of the Bushing is flush with the top of the Jig Plate or when the centre distance is too close for Bushings with heads.

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